Naturally Gluten Free Ice-cream Recipe

There are not many tastes that can beat homemade ice cream made with lovely fresh fruit. This is a classic Delia Smith recipe and I have used it with a variety of different fruits including redcurrants and plums. Do experiment.

The key is that whatever fruit you use should be a pulp and I have included instructions on how to prepare different fruits.

The easiest way to make ice cream is using an ice cream maker. However it can also be made using a 1 litre freezer proof plastic box with a lid as explained in the recipe below.

This ice cream should be eaten within 3 weeks.


450g (1 lb) fruit for example, blackcurrants, redcurrants, raspberries, plums or strawberries

175g (6 oz) sugar

150ml (5 fl oz) water

275ml (10 fl oz) double cream


1. To prepare the fruit:

  • If you are using blackcurrants, redcurrants or raspberries then mash them through a sieve (a plastic one is best) over a mixing bowl with a wooden spoon until you have got all the pulp. All you should be left with in the sieve are pips and skin.
  • If you are using strawberries then just squash them into a pulp in a bowl using a spoon.
  • When I made this with plums I removed the stones, chopped them into pieces, placed them in a pan with a little water and stewed them until they were soft. This stewed fruit needs to be left until cold. I have also used stewed fruit that I had previously prepared and frozen. Just allow it to defrost completely before use. You can sieve the plums to remove the skin but I don’t do this and have never had any complaints.

2. Place the sugar and water in a pan over a medium heat, stir until all the sugar crystals have dissolved, do not let it boil until all the sugar has dissolved.

3. Let it come to the boil, and boil for 3 minutes exactly.

4. Remove from the heat and stir the syrup into the fruit pulp.

5. Whip the cream until it just begins to thicken, it should be just floppy not thick.

6. Fold the cream into the fruit mixture until thoroughly blended.

7. If you have an ice cream maker follow the instructions to make your ice cream.

8. If you don’t have an ice cream maker:

  • Pour the mixture into the plastic box and freeze in a freezer.
  • As soon as the mixture begins to set (about 3 hours) turn it out into a bowl and beat thoroughly.
  • Return it to the box and put it back in the freezer until set.

9. Delia recommends removing the ice cream to the fridge an hour before serving. I have never done this. I have always served it straight from the freezer.

Ice-cream makers

Obviously having an ice cream maker makes it a lot easier. I had made ice cream (and sorbet) before I got one and had thought they were just a “nice to have”. However since getting one they have transformed my ice cream making, it makes it so much easier and from my experience you will make ice cream more often.

You can get a wide variety of ice cream makers but there are two main types. Ones where you have to put the mixing bowl in the freezer to freeze before use. When you want to use it you simply take the frozen bowl out, slot it into the ice cream maker, switch it on and then pour in your mixture. It then churns away and you get ice cream. Once made, you place the ice cream in a container and put it in your freezer. This is the type I have.

The other main type comes as one unit which freezes and mixes sitting on your work surface. As you would expect these are more expensive. However if you can afford it I would recommend going for this type.

With my type, although I really like mine, you do have to remember to put the bowl into the freezer in advance of making the ice cream, this usually isn’t a problem. However finding space in my freezer can be a real struggle!

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